Stockland Kennels.
This is work in progress.
French Property Options.

This is work in progress.
Dance Rhythms.
This Oxford-based dance school wanted a brighter, more up to date web site to show all their class timetables as well as their popular dance holidays.
Thames Valley Hospice.
This charity wanted to reach a wider audience and make information more readily available. With services ranging from occupational therapy to bereavement care, they also wanted to use the site to advertise education, career opportunities and numerous fundraising events.
Families Thames Valley East.
This simple 'poster' site advertises a local franchise for a national family magazine. With the site content changing to compliment each issue as it is published, this is an ideal way of reaching the targeted audience.
K&R Building Services Limited.
This local building firm was agressively advertising its services, and the internet was the next obvious step. With more and more potential customers first wanting to look at a company's web site, K&R BS needed a site that would simply and effectively show-case their business. We were able to take their corporate image and bring it to the internet, on time and within budget.
On Guard Systems Limited.
This company is a specialist in establishing safety procedures and equipment. They have two distinct parts to the company - consultancy and supply & installation - and they wanted both portrayed on the same site. With some simple navigation methods we were able to make that distinction clear and bring the company to a much wider audience.
Thames Valley Refinishing.
This specialist refinishing company already had a web site, but it had disappeared. The previous webmasters had neglected to fulfil their obligations in maintaining the domain space, with the result that the American ISP removed rights to it. We negotiated it’s transfer to UK servers, and ensured that access was re-established. We then redisigned the site, reflecting the company’s new glossy brochures.
St. Marks Florist.
This new business in Maidenhead decided from the start that they wanted an internet presence. But taking our advice, they have planned a 3-phase approach: advertise, develop and sell. By staggering the development cycles, the budget will easily be able to cater for the investment required for an ecommerce site. This concluded the first phase to advertise their services. We are now looking at how we can develop the site and make it more visually appealling with photographs of their floral displays. Finally, we will implement an ordering/invoicing system.
All Saints Cars.
This new private car hire firm based in Maidenhead recognised the potential of the internet to reach customers further afield than the Thames Valley area. Taking the approach that an uncluttered design would be best suited to visitors to this site, we put together several simple pages including an online booking form. Their site has generated bookings from travellers all round the world returning to the UK.
Lowcost Computers UK.
This online shop selling computers systems and software had a site with very clunky navigation and a not very visually appealing look to the site. We left the existing shop in place, working around the poor Javascript; took the existing pages, and reworked the text into a format that is now easier use; built a new navigation system that has everything at the touch of a button; and brightened it up with a new logo. The site maintenance and development has since been takeb over by the owners of the business.
McFarlane Telfer Limited.
This manufacturing company had a web site, but like many sites on the internet today, it was in need of an overhaul. The company realised this, and at the same time had ideas on how to develop the site further. They were investing time and money in producing a new set of brochures and our job was to translate them into a format that would be as presentable and eye-catching on a web page.

Maidenhead & District Chamber of Commerce.
The Chamber had a web site, but it had been put together very quickly with very little attention to detail. Using the existing information, and, taking a broad view of what could be achieved, we canvassed the members to provide more information to give it a fuller, more useful source of information about the Chamber and what it does. Raising it from a flat unappealing site, we introduced subtle effects to make the site more interesting that encourages the browser to dig deeper into the site. Our brief was to make the site more modern looking but we ended up doing a complete facelift.

This site opens with the popular welcome page format. It has their logo, along with a brief description of what their aim is. From here there is a click-through to the main part of the site that uses simple navigation buttons - these are complimented by animated icons to give the page a bit of fun. The site incorporates a searchable database of members which can be used to identify types of business in the area.
Maidenhead Branch of the National Childbirth Trust
Again this site uses a nice welcome page to describe the NCT's aims.
The NCT branch wanted an internet presence to reach a wider audience than it previously had via local press releases and newsletters. We sifted through available literature to build a framework for the support information they want to make available online and then designed a complimentary site, liasing with co-ordinators at national and local level to ensure that the charity's integrity was maintained. What they now have is a sharp web site that the members of Maidenhead can be proud of that will be a useful source of information and also hopefully a new vehicle for raising revenue.

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