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3 simple steps to have your own web site:
1.Get your domain name: .com, .co.uk, .net, .org.uk, .uk.ltd, .biz...
2.Design your page: do it yourself or get someone to do it for you
3.Host your domain: you will need to find someone that will host your site
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If you want advice on a site spring-clean, without any obligation, just tell us the domain name.
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The internet, and in particular the world wide web, has given us all a new way of working - if we want to. Undoubtedly there have been some large companies that have failed to make much of an impression on the web, whereas there are small companies that have had a runaway success and have seen their business develop. Where you fit in is anyone's guess. But you can be sure that if you don't have an electronic presence you will be missing out on potential customers.

The fact that you are a visitor to this site indicates that you have an interest in setting up our own website or else have one that needs a bit of a face-lift.

Have a good look around our site and get in touch.

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Your first prerogative is to run your business. So when you are ready to make your mark on the web, we will make it simple for you. If you've already got your own site, we can still help you. Our services:
  • web design, including your own text, logo and product information
  • web site hosting
  • free internet connection
  • help in choosing a domain name
  • site registration with popular search engines
  • site audit/spring clean
  • ongoing site maintenance
  • customer feedback forms
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What we can do for you
By working with you we'll help you reach all those un-tapped customers out there:

site audit: check meta tags, search to determine how high up the hits list the site appears

web site spring clean: some sites have been around for a while and they need bringing up to date; not necessarily using sexy new techniques, but it might just need a more modern look or speeding up a little (get rid of unecessary gifs, organise the layout with proper navigation, hot spots and buttons etc.)

ongoing site maintenance: this could include periodic updates with new material or new features being added. We could do this for you as part of a maintenance contract or on a per job basis.

feedback: customer feedback is important, not just of your products but also how easily they managed to find what they were looking for. So we can provide feedback forms for your customers to communicate with you: mailing lists, surveys, voting.
Whatever you want, we will try to accommodate your requirements. It is your business aim that forms the inspiration for our strategy in designing your site. We can take your existing promotional materials and build around that or else start from scratch, working with you to get the exact look and feel, bringing it all together.

Click for more on our design approach.
Our design approach
We will take your ideas and will develop a layout to complement them. Using simple navigation techniques, we can let your customer find what they are looking for, as well as direct them to things you want them to see.

If you are not sure how you want your site to look, but you have seen another site you like, let us know. For copyright reasons we can't copy the design, but we'll find out from you what you like about it and build a page around the idea.

If you want to link your sites to other ones, for example to manufacturers' on-line catalogues, then we can do that. If you want others to have links to your site, we can help with that too.

Then when all that's done, and you are happy with the result, we will work with you to choose special keywords that the search engines will use to direct new customers to your site.
Although the web is new, design, layout, markup languages and building user interfaces is not. We have done all this and more, consistently meeting deadlines and satisfying clients support issues.

Click to find out more. There is more, much, much more ... and don't expect us to be modest, but what you see is what you get.
Our roots
We started working for mainframe clients in the '70s, building menu-driven systems years before the personal computer, let alone the internet and the world wide web, was even thought of. Largely self-taught, we have progressed through various operating systems and languages to where we are today.

We are technicians at heart. Programmers, if you like. And because we learnt our trade from the bottom up, we feel that we are in a strong position to intuitively know what clients needs are. We understand optimisation, speed and maintainability and the importance of them because we are users as well.

We can assure you of a high degree of service, driven by a level of quality and professionalism that has been developed over the last 25 years working with clients.

We like blowing our own trumpet. Because we know we are good.
Welcome to #9Dream.
Our pricing structure is currently under review.
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option 1
2 page site, 2 gifs (you supply), up to 6 links to other sites (you supply): £175 +vat

option 2
4 page site, 5 gifs (you supply), up to 15 links to other sites (you supply): £300 +vat

we can locate relevant links for you if you don't have any in mind; we can also provide feedback forms, visitors guestbook, counter, images you want scanned in...

Both options 1 and 2 can include up to 300 words to a page.

These 2 options are just to give you an idea of how much it would cost to put together a basic site. If you are thinking of a more ambitious project, we will need to look at your requirements.
You will need someone to host your web site. This means that the text, code, scripts and pictures that make up your web site will have to be stored on a computer linked to the internet so that everyone can access your site. There are companies that offer very cheap or even free space on their internet servers, but often you will find yourself paying for hidden extras and not always give you the good deal you were expecting.

We offer a full web hosting service in a state of the art UK data centre. Click to find out about #9Dream Hosting.
Hosting your web site
The site will be hosted in a secure environment at our preferred hosting partner, HostEurope. The hosting period is for a minimum of 12 months and will be paid for at the beginning of each period. At each 12-month interval you will have the opportunity to renew the hosting.

For a small business, hosting cost for the year is £150 (plus vat).

For a personal web site - a hobby or family tree, perhaps - hosting is charged at £100 (plus vat) for the year.

What's in a domain name ?

Thousands of new domain names are being resistered every day, so decide on a domain name before it's too late. Providing it is still available, you could give your site the same name, or an abbreviated form, as your company. Or else you could push the boat out and call it something completely different - some say that by using a name such as 'yellowturtle' you have a better chance of being remembered. We can help you with this.

Click for our price list.
Domain Names
RATE 1: £20 p.a. RATE 2: £40 p.a. RATE 3: £80 p.a.
.ORG.UK(min 2 yrs) .COM .UK.NET(min 2 yrs)
.CO.UK(min 2 yrs) .ORG .UK.COM(min 2 yrs)
  .NET .ME.UK(min 2 yrs)
  .INFO(min 2 yrs) .GB.NET(min 2 yrs)
  .BIZ(min 2 yrs) .EU.COM(min 2 yrs)
If a domain name is purchased at the same time as commissioning a web site, these prices will be reduced.
All prices subject to vat.
Following site maintenance, we are currently updating the site map. Please accept our apologies if you can't immediately find what you want.

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We can set up to 100 unique POP3 mailboxes from the web site to enable individuals in the same company to receive their own email. If preferred, all email can be forwarded to an existing mailbox provided by your company's Internet Service Provider (ISP). As part of your web hosting package, we will provide the first 10 mailboxes free.

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If you want to keep the email address given to you by your ISP (AOL, Freeserve, Virgin, BT....) we can forward all mail from the web site so that it is received in one place.

We can also provide usernames and passwords with instructions on how to configure Outlook to receive email directly from the web site's mail server.

Additional POP3 mailboxes can be purchased for a one-off fee of £10.
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